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Replacement extension to a Grade 2 Listed cottage

Project: Replacement extension to a Grade 2 Listed cottage in Suffolk.

Location: Assington, Suffolk.

Our clients wanted to extend the existing kitchen to modernize the layout and allow them to spend more time in the cottage. The cottage is grade 2 Listed and in the rural Suffolk in original grounds.

After assessing the existing structure to gain the age and state of repair of the timber framing the design and layout materialized and was agreed with the client.

Repairs and like for like replacement of some timber members were required, along with the work carried out by the experienced contractor the project was completed.

The kitchen now functions in a more modern manner whilst retaining all original timber frame, period features and the genuine form of the building.

The end result is that of a cottage that is attractive and retained its character, whilst accommodating a modern way of life.

The clients were very pleased with the outcome and are looking forward to being able to enjoy the property more often.

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