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Vertical extension to an office building

Project: 2nd 3rd & 4th floor vertical extension to an office building and a rear replacement warehouse, Sudbury, Suffolk.

Location: Sudbury, Suffolk

This brief was to create an additional 3 floors to the existing office building with a new warehouse behind.

It soon became obvious, that the best way to transfer the new load of these additional 3 floors, was to bypass the existing structure and have columns on the outside of the existing building, to transfer the load to the ground without affecting the existing building. It also has the added benefit of having as little disruptive effect on the existing tenants as possible.

To create interest and combine the new part with the old, the exterior cladding was brought down over part of the existing building, therefore visually melding the new building and the old together.

The new warehouse to the rear, was designed to be as large as possible whilst not being overbearing on the horizon. The choice of colours of the cladding and the curved roof are ‘key’ to achieving this part of the brief.

The design revives the dull existing building, fulfills the clients brief and creates a new and interesting commercial building.

The project has not been built yet, but we hope that it will materialise in the next few years, watch this space.

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